Kennel Bernerflokken


Betsy is a 3 years old pekingeser and she is Marthas dog.
Betsy and Martha and her family comes from Ukraine and Betsy cannot stay with them right now - but as soon as possible they should live together again and until then she is with us.
Martha and Betsy is of course missing each other very much and Martha will come and visit Betsy and Betsy will visit Martha.
This page is for Martha to show her how Betsys life is with Chilli, Mynthe and Lexus.
Our dogs and we love Betsy and we will all take care of her until she can be with Martha again.
Betsy - first day 
Betsy in "her" corner 
Betsy and Chilli
Betsy with Chilli, Mynthe and Lexus
Betsy & co for a walk in the wood
Betsy in the garden
This is a video with Betsy and Mynthe
Just Betsy :-)
Betsy with Mynthe and Lexus
Betsy and Mynthe playing before they go to sleep
Lexus, Mynthe, Betsy and Chilli
Betsy with her ball
Now Mynthe and Betsy have become very best freinds - the video ends suddenly as Lexus wants to talk with me :-)
Betsy with the sheeps
Find Betsy :-)
Betsy on the beach
Dog training seminar
Chilli, Lexus, Mynthe and Betsy with Ole Steen
Betsy is tired after training
New videoes with Betsy and Mynthe:
Betsy with her raincoat
eva og ole steen